About Gregory Nye

The focus of Gregory Nye’s practice is the facilitation of experiential proprioceptive exercise.

My earlier training began in 1971 in the field of psycho-dynamic and psychoanalytic psychotherapy. Included in my training was extensive instruction in several modalities of related bodywork techniques including but not limited to cranial-sacral therapy, bio-energetic therapy, and bio-dynamic massage.

In 1992 I stopped working as a psychotherapist and focused my practice entirely on the activity of the experiential body. I came to understand that the reactive systems of the body are not manifestations of mental or emotional illness but opportunities to learn the regulation of motoric behaviours.

My interest since that time has been in how the genetic inherited body manifests in excitatory and pulsatory sensory activity and interacts with its interior and exterior experience. The goal is to teach the body how it is possible to learn from experience. My approach addresses the reshaping of dynamic postures in relationship to the evolutionary activity of the body and is educational in nature, not therapeutic.


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